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Reasons why WordPress is ideal for SMEs – Part 3 and final

Posted by on Jun 19, 2016

In the previous parts we have seen several important aspects that reinforce the idea that WordPress is the best platform for small businesses.

In addition to its adaptability and efficiency, now we will see another aspect, low cost.

1. Grows with your business

If your business grows and you need to add more content to your website, WordPress lets you do it easily. It’s very simple to create new pages or modify existing ones, and we have seen that turn WordPress into something more potent as an electronic store can be as simple as installing a plugin. 

So if you need more from WordPress, don’t worry, WordPress can handle.

2. User management and permissions

If your company has many employees and want to edit your web, you may like to know that WordPress brings, by default, user management, and permissions. In this way, you can ensure that different users of your website can only see and touch what you want.

3. Save money

We have already seen that the range of options that WordPress offers, from professionals to work with, themes or plugins that you will use, WordPress fits nicely in your pocket.

And WordPress is free. The only fee that you have to pay is a hosting provider. As your budget and needs grow, you can access professional and better features. But in the meantime, you can use all the tools without spending a dollar.

4. Mobile

We talk about the importance of phones these days and  as you can imagine, it is important that your website looks good on mobile. 

Fortunately, many of the themes available for WordPress are responsive, that means that adapt their appearance to the size of the screen, offering a fantastic user experience. In fact, you can even create native apps to access to your website!

5. Friend of SEO and search engines

While you may not be aware of it, when you decide that your business will be on the web, you also decide your business to appear on the first search results. Otherwise, how would people find you? 

Unfortunately, it is difficult to know with certainty what concrete actions will help you to improve the positioning of your website in these results. Now, that does not mean there is nothing that we can do to "improve" our choices. 

By default, WordPress is a very good friend of search engines and shows them the information as they like, but if you complement it well with any SEO plugins that are available, you will facilitate their work and above, will thank you.


In short …

Like it or not, businesses are increasingly dependent on the Internet, even those that seem very "local". 

Having a website will help to know your business, who are you and what do you do, therefore, it’s very important. 

If you have an SME, you need to have a platform that allows you to create and maintain the web at an affordable cost and with a series of guarantees (security, standard, not obsolete, easy to use, customizable and more). 

WordPress is presented as the best solution to meet current and future needs of an SME, do not you think?

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How to keep up with WordPress updates?

Posted by on May 30, 2016

WordPress tries to make a great effort to keep users and developers informed. The creators of plugins and themes should subscribe to sites like Make Plugins and Make Themes to keep up with WordPress changes. Likewise, anyone involved with maintaining websites in WordPress should subscribe to the site Make Core, where important information related to the core of WordPress is published.

WordPress is an open source software that can be adapted to any webpage, but it is also the most reliable platform and is in constant evolution. WordPress creators said that every 4 months they will be releasing new versions, so if you're a developer or are in charge of maintaining the sites, how do you keep up with WordPress?

From here the discussion is already served. In WordPress specialized websites has been a great discussion, one of them is WPTavern, where an article was the kickoff for users and readers give their opinions.

Here are some of the views and arguments reflected and some fragments of the comments that have seemed particularly interesting:

"Some of the changes being made, do not think they really needed. For example, have eliminated the "Preview" button editing pages. Was someone complaining? Because of this change, I have had to deal with 20 requests for customer support complaining about it”.

"Any change should bear in mind that WordPress is for any end user who wants to easily publish content on the web".

"As much as most changes have their reason and possibly have been debated, the fact is that most users have no idea of that debate and every change poses a major upset them”.

"It is very important that WordPress core developers note that many WordPress users are not developers involved in debates or WordCamps WordPress, are end users who do not want the market”.

"The issue is that perhaps so far has worked well, but recently many things are broken. Therefore my request is: Do not touch anything unless it is to fix something already broken”.

"Maybe WordPress is moving very fast, but there are still some outstanding bugs to fix that go very slow and have been there for over 2 years, such as paging is stopped working with static pages from version 4.2.1.”

"If you follow the recommendations on standard WordPress, one should not have many problems whenever a new version”.

"Google Chrome version changes more often and nothing happens”.

"If Google Chrome breaks you can use another browser, but if your web breaks…”

"If you do not use plugins or trashy themes, you should never have a problem. Nonetheless, how do you know a user if a quality plugin or not?".

"For users who are only slightly advanced users, WordPress is becoming too complex”.

"For example, emoji should never be included as part of the core. They are perfect to be included in plugins”.

"We must improve the system so that they can make better compatibility tests whenever a new version.”

"WordPress should have an easy system so that it could revert to a previous version of any plugin”.

Well… What is your opinion? Are you feel comfortable with the evolution of WordPress?

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9 Plugins to improve the design of your blog in WordPress

Posted by on May 3, 2016

In the process of designing a website, various factors combine different tools and are used until the final product is approved. But even when it has approved a design and graphics system, often you need.

You can admire the work that have done some blogs and websites, not only for the quality of their work on it, which, if you've followed a website for years, you can see how it has matured in many ways: from student to professional, and personal blog, a blog and millions of monthly visits, but also the best blogs and websites have a special visual atmosphere created by their creators.

And if you want to add some details, or change your website, there are some WordPress plugins that can help you to "beautify" your blog, remember that you should not abuse of plugins, especially if you have a shared hosting.

Lazy Load

This plugin allows you to improve your load time images. You can add a small animation like "fade in" to images when they appear on screen, not only adds visual effect, but it helps to improve the load time on the server since it only loads images when it is needed.

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It is one of the best plugins to add a list of articles related to the end of each article. This free WordPress plugin lets you obtain statistics, and has several and very attractive visual styles to set.  This tool will give you other options to show lists.


It is a great plugin that adds, with a pleasing aesthetic, a box at the end of each article, with the main links to give "like", "+1" and others. It is very useful to share on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

Shortcode Ultimate

Shortcodes are the best, and this WordPress plugin adds more than one option: text boxes or infobox, toggles, tabs, and other commands to use in your articles. 

Shortcodes are used to add functions to the content of your posts and pages without having to write a code every time you need to do that task.

Loader Plus Lightbox

This plugin has a very specific task. It is best to add the effect "lightbox" to a text or area, it means that when someone clicks on an image on your blog, change the background color, with a popup effect on it.

Action Magic Box

It is one of the favorites of all webmasters, the plugin add a subscription box to your newsletters. In the free version, you can find a variety of designs. Has a pro version, but you have to invest a few dollars for a better service.


It is an old plugin but offers a toolbar to add at the bottom of a post or website. You can create different bars for your website: a bar for those who come from Google, one for those who come to the "About", etc.


Another old but classic plugin is Flare, that let you insert a sidebar with the main social networks buttons, but with a few quirks: adds an effect "fade in" and counts the total of sharing, and let you know how many times your content is shared on social networks.

Nextend Image Magnifier

It is a powerful plugin: it generates, based on HD images, a magnifying glass effect when you put your mouse over a picture. It's recommended for electronics stores, but if your blog is about photography, you can use it too.

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